Winter Will Not Last Forever!

photobooth rental in kansas city

As we look outside at a foot of snow, it is easy to forget. Soon, the trees will be turning green, the flowers will be blooming and birds chirping. Personally, I can’t wait! That means graduation season will be here before you know it. In Kansas City, nothing adds to the fun of graduation parties like a Kansas City photo booth rental from Booth Crazy Photo Booths! At Booth Crazy Photo Booths we are booking up fast. We have just built our 8th photobooth and are ready to take on your grad parties in KC, Overland Park, Lees Summit and everywhere in between.

In addition to adding to the fun of your party, the pictures provided will be a lasting memory of all the high school friends that will be going their separate ways.

Don,t forget about proms and after proms, as well. Booth Crazy Photo Booths will bethe life of your KC party!


Call William now at 913-424-3400 and ask about our special pricing on your photobooth.

Franchise Alert

Franchise Alert

Did you know that many of the photo booths advertising in KC are not really a Kansas City company at all?  If you go to their site, we will discover that they are based often many hundreds of miles away.  In fact, the samples you see are often not actually taken in the KC area.

Booth Crazy is proud to be your local Kansas City photobooth connection.  We only work in and around Kansas City.  With 7 booths in service in KC, we are able to offer exceptional volume pricing along with great local service with the owner of the company only a phone call away.

No one in Kansas City has more booths or does more events than Booth Crazy Photo Booths.  The best is yet to come!

Not Just For Weddings!

Not Just For Weddings!

Booth Crazy Photo Booths loves our KC brides!  As our business continues to grow, it is interesting how people have discovered new uses for our Kansas City photo booths that we could have scarcely imagined when we opened our doors two years ago.

In addition to hundreds of weddings a year, our photobooths have found their way into elementary schools, high schools, colleges, trade shows, charity auctions and many more.  It is an honor to have the opportunity to bring the smiles to such a vast audience.

At Booth Crazy we will strive to continue to work hard to earn your business and look forward to starting our third year in business and making it better than ever!

New Prop Option Adds To Your Photo Booth Fun

Taking it up a notch.

By now, I think most people in Kansas City have discovered that there is a nothing quite like the fun of a photobooth. It is the one thing that appeals to everyone at your party or special event.

Now, we are excited to announce a few new ideas to take your KC Photo booth experience to the next level. We are now offering a premium prop upgrade that can be added to or replace our already great stash. This new props are classy and fun and perfect for those a little germ squeamish (even though we do keep our props clean and fresh)! Included are lips, eyeglasses and mustaches on a stick. Plus, a pose selector wheel, a variety of chalk board speech bubbles and more. All made of quality hardwood.

You can upgrade your rental for a small fee or get it at a discount as part of our new “Upscale” collection.

Also included in the “Upscale Collection” is premium signage, unlimited prints (everyone in the photo booth will get a copy of the strip) and our Memory Maker photobooth album assembled on-site.

We have had so much fun providing photo booths to nearly 400 clients in the Kansas City area over the last 18 months. What could be better than selling smiles?

Weddings, reunions, graduations, school events, corporate events, fund raisers. They all have one thing in common. They have discovered the fun of Booth Crazy Photo Booths!

At Booth Crazy Photo Booths we love KC!


Spring has sprung in Kansas City.  The photo booth season is heating up along with the temperatures.  Booth Crazy is nearly booked up for much of the year.  225 and adding more daily.  Our competitors in KC can only handle a small number of events.  At Booth Crazy Photo Booths, we can handle as many as 7 per day!  The greatest experience at the best price has been the recipe that helps us continue to grow.  Soon we will be expanding again to make sure we can say yes to your event!  We love you KC and are happy to be your go to place for all your photo booth rental needs.

More great things coming…stay tuned

At Booth Crazy Photo Booths in KC, spring is in the air.  As a result, we have a lot of spring projects on our to do list.  We are committed to make Booth Crazy your go to source for all your party and event entertainment!

Have you ever been to a wedding in KC were the bride and groom provided a table with crafts to keep the little ones occupied?  Great idea and very thoughtful.  However, too often these tables loose their interest before the party has even gotten started.  For the cool bride and groom, Booth Crazy will have the answer.  A video gaming booth that will keep them going all night long.  Also, it may keep your child at heart guests fighting for the controller!  Think 3D gaming, surround sound headphones, and your own gaming guru all night.  We think it will be big.

One problem some people have is when they want to have a photo booth outside.  With all the electronics, weather and even wind can be a problem.  No worries, with our new mobile photo booth.  It is built around a trailer, has air conditioning and its own power supply.  It is a roll up and go portable photo booth solution.  It is one of a kind Kansas City photobooth and I think you are going to love it.

We are even looking at offering a do it yourself DJ service.  Interested in your thoughts.  It would be a system that would include a PA system for announcements and toasts.  You simply plug in your ipod, iphone or ipad and be ready to get the party started.

Thats our sneak peak.  With over 150 photo booth jobs already on the books for 2012, and more booking daily we are keeping busy.  However, we plan on releasing these and more exciting products just as soon as possible.  We are having so much fun!  Happy Spring!

Womans Expo: Our Photo Booths Overland Park KS


Booth Crazy Photo Booths had a great time last weekend at the Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park, KS.  The Woman’s Expo was a great opportunity to introduce the fun of photobooths to a great group of woman of all ages.  Many had never seen what the old fashioned arcade style booth had become.  After dancing around in the Booth Crazy booth, trying out the props and laughing themselves silly, it didn’t take them long to get the hang of it!  We look forward to working with several of those we had the pleasure of meeting there!  Thanks everyone for a great reception!

What are you really paying for?


Have you ever wondered why some photo booth companies charge $1,300 to $1,700 for a photo booth in KC.  And how is it that Booth Crazy Photo Booths can charge so much less?

Hi, this is Mike owner of Booth Crazy Photo Booths.  Let me try to clear that up.

The first thing to consider is overhead.  Sure, it is nice to have a store front location to meet clients.  Who wouldn’t like that, right?  But that all costs a lot of money.  Rent, utilities, staff, the list just goes on and on.  And who is going to pay for it?  Booth Crazy doesn’t have those costs.  Our business is run from our home office.  The same home office that we have worked from for over 20 years in the photography industry.  Technology allows us to conduct our business via telephone and via email.  The end result is you save $100s of dollars.

Next, let’s talk booths.  If you have a hard sided, arcade style booth it is HEAVY!  Generally over 300 lbs.  That means you will have to have special trailers to haul it and likely a two person crew.  Again, that costs money.  Booth Crazy Photo Booths fit in the hosts vehicle and is assembled right where you need it.  Unlike the big box, stairs are not a problem and no elevator is required.  The added benefit is, of course, we save labor and you save money!

One more thing.  Many photo booth companies only run one or two booths.  They need to get the maximum amount out of each rental to cover costs.  At Booth Crazy we run 6 booths now and will likely have 8 by years end.

Our goal at Booth Crazy Photo Booths is to offer the best photo booth experience anywhere, cut unnecessary expense and make having a having a photobooth accessible to everyone in the KC area.

Getting the most out of your photo booth rental in KC.

Getting the most out of your photo booth rental from Booth Crazy Photo Booths in KC.

The first thing to remember is your photo booth is part of the entertainment. The tips below will help you get the most fun out of your photo booth rental. At Booth Crazy photo booths, we are providing Kansas City with a photo booth that will be talked about long after your event has ended.

  • Use props! Even if your event is an upscale affair, you simply have to use props! Well, we won’t twist your arm but it certainly adds to the fun of your photo booth. Your guests will have much more fun using the crazy hats and glasses. Plus, props encourages your guests to come back over and over again. Adding to the fun! Remember, you hired a photographer to capture those “must have” moments, your photo booth is all about the experience. We have done many events in Kansas City at the finest hotels and country clubs. Haven’t found a venue yet where the props were not a hit! At Booth Crazy Photo Booths we always bring a great stash. Feel free to add your own for a unique experience.


  • Don’t hide the photo booth. If you put your photo booth close to the action, it will get a lot more use. By the bar or in the same room as the DJ is best. Fun is contagious! Don’t put it in the foyer unless you have no other choice. Your guests might end up missing in action only to be found at your photo booth!


  • The photo strips or 4×6 prints your guests receive when exiting the booth make a great personalized party favor they are sure to keep!  make sure that if you want to have one to keep that you do strips or upgrade to the double prints option if doing 4×6 prints. The money you save on traditional favors will likely pay for all or most of your photo booth rental.


  •  Consider a Memory Maker Guestbook. For events that may have used a traditional guest book, consider a photo booth guest book instead or in addition. Your guests will get one strip to keep and one goes in the album. They can then use the supplied pens to leave a note. Sometimes they get real creative with this! the Memory Maker album is assembled on site and you will take it home with you that night!


I hope this helps you or maybe sparks some of your own ideas. At Booth Crazy Photo Booths we are always looking for new and exciting ways to make your Kansas City event one to remember!

So Much To Be Thankful For


This holiday season, I think it is important to take a few minutes to reflect on all we have to be thankful for. For myself, the list is long. Here are just a few:


My parents for putting up with a spirited child that provided them more than a typical share of drama and gray hair moments.

My sister. Although passing away to cancer years ago, she still lives on in my heart. She always believed in me and her encouragement still drives me to take on every new challenge with enthusiasm.

My wife, Karen who is the love of my life and the foundation of my family. Without her, we would all be lost!

My kids, Alanna and Mason who keep me young and give me a good excuse to go to Worlds of Fun, zip cording and other juvenile activities I so enjoy.

All the Booth Crazy staff. Your caring about this business has earned you a place in my heart as more like family than employees.


Merry Christmas!